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ABOut me

Do you want someone to take your pictures and leave? Well, that's not going to happen with me! 

My name is Lisa Marion McWhirter and I'm a elopements and small weddings photographer at McWhirter photography. My story begins in Manchester, England where I was born but  mostly raised in Finland. My heart beats for adventures, discovering new places and I value moments over material. Oh and I'm a coffee lover and a servant of two cats. I spent mostly my spare time exploring outdoors. There's no adventure too extreme or a place too far to travel to. 

As a person I have always wanted to have my wedding day as a stress free and focus on the day just me and my fiancee. 


I fell in love with photographing elopements ever since I did my first one in Finland where my couple came from Canada. 


We're all in the same boat here and that is why I want to help you to plan your wedding day and turn in into pictures also. And not just that I'm also your guide to your day and a great travel buddy! Your day is about you and your fiancee and you deserve to have a stress free experience. 

I'm short (you won't even notice when I will be photographing, haha), kind and social person. 

I love animals, coffee, music, Harry Potter, Star Wars, anime and manga, horror movies, documentaries, adventures and stories.

I'm a vegetarian and don't use animal tested products. My hobbies are yoga and hiking.


"Lisa captured our wedding day with stunning pictures that we couldn't even dream about! Our wedding photos look like us and you can still see Lisa's style in them. Not only is she an iron professional, but she is also a wonderful person. I can warmly recommend her to anyone."

-Laura Mäkelä